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which fandom are you part of


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Hi where have you been?

Um you see… it’s winter here, therefore I have to go to school

I have no time for anything

not even for breathing

and my computer is pretty clean now - no pics no nothin

and when I wasn’t on hiatus people still liked the janoskians

ok i know they’re kind of invisible now for most of you but i live in the past


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Fifty Shades of Grey

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And by the way, my blog is not only going to be janoskians-fan blog… Since they’re already on their spotlight and tumblr is practically their somehow forgotten past, I’m gonna be kind of random

posted 3 weeks ago @ 26 Jun 2014

Remember when people used to like me!!!! This is probably my coming back :) renewed blog if my poor free time allows me to do it and well yeah
Love, coni

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xI haven't even changed my xicon xAhaha xSucks xHi
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Ten Memorable Jennifer Lawrence Moments in 2013

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